Melanotan 2 10mg USA (2 Pack) plus Free Bacteriostatic water

Melanotan 2 10mg single vial

For a limited time only get a free bottle of 30ml Bacteriostatic water when you purchase a two vials of Melanotan 2. Offer is limited one per customer.

2 Melanotan-2 10mg vials


Purity: 98.00%
Appearance:  White Powder
Grade A
Made in the USA

Melanotan 2 10mg Single Vial

 At this time we only accept VISA Debit and Credit cards as payment.

$ 70.00

Customer Reviews

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CHris J.

Great service

Jara H.
Great product

It works , it’s easy , and discreet

2nd order. Double perfect!

Instructions and product show great care. Thank you.

petetr c.
melatonin-good product

great product-works as advertised -nice side effects as well...will re-order


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Melanotan 2 10mg USA For Sale

Love This

I NEVER tan past a certain color or shade. It’s just stops getting darker no matter what. Real sun, any tanning bed. It isn’t even a very dark tan. I’m still very pale. Nothing worked. I decided to try Melanotan 2. I read good things online. Got my first order. Waited to tan outside before using it to set a base. Then ok day one, I was on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic, lots of sun, and it brought out my color way faster and darker than ever. I’m a forever customer. My freckles darkened, but nobody even notices. It’s a fair trade for the nice dark tan I am finally able to obtain…and I’m not exposed to the sun as much. Win win! Affordable as well in my opinion. Love it!!!

Incredible product

Can’t believe the results and how quick it works. Outstanding. I have already referred my friends.

Best thing I’ve done for myself

I’ve always been pale and could never maintain a tan, but within a couple of weeks I have been able to see a difference and I like what I see.

Melanotan 2 - Go-To Shop

These guys are my go-to shop for Melanotan-2 because their product is Grade-A and trustworthy, works flawlessly and consistently with a low dosage, and they ship extremely fast with tracking. I will continue to buy from them (this was at least my fourth order).