Melanotan 2 10mg USA (Four Pack )

Melanotan 2 10mg (four pack)

You get four vials of M2 each with 10mg

Please note water is sold separately via the link below
Purity: 98.00%
Appearance:  White Powder
Grade A
Made in the USA
Melanotan 2 (Four Pack)

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$ 125.00

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BIll S.

I mix mine with 44 ml of saline spray. Works like a charm with no side effects. Except I miss the never ending bulge. Trying to be non offensive.

I've actually started to see a difference

I was skeptical about Melanotan. I have been on it now exactly 2 weeks (taking a dose every night) and I've already started too see my skin color changing and getting darker. Plan on doing it another full week, and see where I am from that point. The needle doesn't hurt, but I suggest if you don't want to feel any pain, just order some topical numbing cream from Amazon (Numb520) and numb the skin for about 5 min before using the alcohol swab to clean before the poke. Be prepared for your moles to get darker, and any Hyperpigmentation you have to appear more than before. Other than that, that is the only side effect I've gotten. No tingling sensation or nausea. In fact, I feel nothing after injection which is a good thing. I'm excited too see where I'll be in another week, once I reach the level of tone, i plan to do only a few doses a week for maintenance. P.S. Another tip, once you mix the solution, keep it in the fridge (I use my skin care mini fridge in my bathroom) It keeps the peptide for maximum quality.

Great product

My face was never tanned!!!! I will definitely order again

Anita R.
Always great service!

Even when my package was mangled by the post office and came In a sad shredded bag with a note, they replaced immediately without me having to go through a claim process. Thank you so much!!

Colleen B.
The absolute best!

I fair skinned. I tan, but it takes a while and I tend To lose it fast if I dont Maintain it. Melanotan made me the darkest tan to date and I can Easily maintain it.


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Melanotan 2 10mg USA For Sale

Must USE

Honestly I was pasty before i used this like bad! And now i am a bronze goddess! Do yourself a favor and get this!


Best product
Best service.

Loved since day 1

I will always be a customer. Thank you all!

Size matters

The larger size is great!