BUY EIGHT GET TWO FREE Melanotan 2 10mg USA (Ten Pack )

BUY EIGHT GET TWO FREE  Melanotan 2 10mg USA  (Ten Pack )
That's right for our normal price of an eight pack we are including two extra vials to make it a ten pack!
$ 235.00

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Melanotan is awesome!

I'm somewhere between a 2 & 3 on the skin type... I started at a low does & gradually worked up to the dose that works for me which is 1ml I usually take it daily...sometimes I miss a dose which is no big deal... I personally find taking it a few hrs before a tanning bed session or in the morning before a beach day works best for me... seriously I get nice and brown from a beach day... also I noticed it works better injecting into my belly rather than just under my skin on my hip... but this stuff really works great...I didn't tell my wife I use it just to see if it really is noticeable..
. Just the other day she told me she's never seen me so tan! 😂😂😂

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Love this place


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Amazing product with MANY benefits

As with anything these days you can’t help but be skeptical about things but this is one purchase I am absolutely glad I made. The results are fast (depending on your ability to tan already) and by fast I mean I seen results in just 5 sessions! Along with the amazing effects it has had on my skin it has helped me loose weight which has been hard for me the last couple of years! Extremely happy with my purchase from the shipping to the results and communication with customer service. Will happily be purchasing continually!

Amazing results!! 5⭐️

I was skeptical that this product was not going to work but looked over so many reviews. It does work & it’s more brown than the gold color you get from tanning or bronze-orange from self tanners. I will be ordering again soon. Highly recommend!

Good and fast service

Good response with email very fast turnaround good customer service

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