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Bacteriostatic Water 30ML

Bacteriostatic Water 30ML

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Unfortunately, we will no longer be selling Bacteriostatic water, but we have included a link to an Amazon seller that has it. It's listed as a reconstitution solution. The active ingredient is 0.9 Benzyl alcohol.


                    Link to Amazon Seller for Bacteriostatic Water

Bacteriostatic Water: What Is It and How It Affects You

Bacteriostatic Water: What Is It?
When used to dilute or dissolve medications, Bacteriostatic Water (also known as Bacteriostatic Water for Injection) is sterile water containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol. The container can be reused numerous times (typically by a sterile needle), and the benzyl alcohol suppresses or stops the growth of the majority of potentially contaminating bacteria. The generic version of Bacteriostatic Water has the same name. Drugs that can then be delivered intravenously, intramuscularly, or subcutaneously can be diluted using the bacteriostatic water.

How Does Bacteriostatic Water Affect You?
Adults rarely experience Bacteriostatic Water adverse effects, and if they do, they are usually caused by pollution, particle debris, or the medication being dissolved (see below). Fever, abscess formation, venous thrombosis or phlebitis, tissue death, and infections are a few of the side effects that could happen once medications are added to Bacteriostatic Water.

Bacteriostatic Water Dosage
An unpressurized, multiple-dose 30 mL plastic fliptop vial of bacteriostatic water for injection is provided. Because of the potential for blood pressure fluctuations and the toxicity of benzyl alcohol, it is not utilized for newborn medicines. Red blood cell lysis could occur if Bacteriostatic Water is administered intravenously without any other diluting substance.

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