Melanotan 2

  • tanning peptides

    In their search for something to help reduce the incidences of skin cancer, a lab found the chains of amino acids that cause skin to tan.  Darkened skin helps protect you naturally from the UV rays and helps reduce cancer.  

    These freeze dried chains of amino acids, known as tanning peptides, are now available for cosmetic use.  You don't have to spend long hours on the beach anymore to achieve that bronze glow.  You can also skip spending large amounts of money on tanning beds or booths that put you at an even higher risk of skin cancer while still taking significant portions of time.  An injection of Melanotan 2 can give you a safe beautiful base tan in a matter of days with just a quick injection.  

    The bronze of tanned skin looks great but many have been shunning the sun in their fear of UV rays.  Instead they leave their skin pale, leaving them more vulnerable to sunburn the instant they forget to put on sunblock.  Tanned skin naturally protects from those dangerous sunburns and from the harmful parts of sunlight, allowing you to look great while gaining all the benefits of sunlight.  Your enjoyment of time outdoors doesn't have to be tainted with fear of the sun.  

    Whether you're interested in Melanotan 2 to get a tan for a one time event or are interested in regular use to keep that year round glow, contact us for more information to see if it would be the right choice for you.

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